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Prem Raj Adhikari

Hi ! I'm a post doctoral researcher at Turku Center for Disease Modeling at Institute of Biomedicine in University of Turku. I am a member of the Endomet Project. Currently, I am working on identifying the biomarkers in Endometriosis. The primary focus is on using machine learning and data mining methods in biomarker detection and develop tools for different stakeholders such as clinicians and pathologists.

I have completed my doctoral degree in the area of machine learning and data mining from  Department of Information and Computer Science at Aalto University School of Science. While at Aalto, I was a member of the Parsimonious Modelling Research Group in HIIT and ALGODAN Center of Excellence. D.Sc. (Tech.) Jaakko Hollmén took the burden of advising and Professor Samuel Kaski of supervising my research. My research focused on probabilistic modeling in cancer genomics, especially on multiresolution modelling of chromosomal aberrations patterns in cancer. My research was fully funded by Hecse graduate school. Some of the travel costs for research visits and conferences were are granted by HIIT, and Finnish Center of Excellence ALGODAN.

Before the doctoral degree, I also completed my International Master's Degree Programme in Machine Learning and Data Mining (Macadamia) from Aalto University in December 2010.

Research and other interests

I'm interested in probabilistic modelling and multiresolution 0-1 data especially the multiresolution mixture models. Generically speaking, I am interested in the Machine Learning and Data Mining Algorithms and their use in the analysis of large data sets. My interests also includes the application of Machine Learning algorithms for solving problems in bio-informatics and computational biology.

Some of the more specific fields of interest are: machine learning, data mining, probabilistic graphical models, bio-informatics, scale space methods. Hobbies include listening music, reading, sports and photographing nature & its wonderful people.

About Prem

Prem Raj is a Data Scientist by trade and training, and a Post Doctoral Researcher at the University of Turku, Finland. He designs and develops algorithms, tools, and methods to make sense of vast amount of data.