Data Science Machine Learner and Data Miner by Training, Researcher by Trade, Number Cruncher by Hobby

Data Mining

I am by nature curious: research, exploration, exploitation, asking questions, analysis, and modeling come naturally to me.

Machine Learning

With formal university qualification on Machine Learning and Data Mining: International Masters Degree Program in Machine Learning..

Data Visualization

Data Visualization is an integral ingredient in the overall data mining process because it presents interesting insights into complex ..

Programming and Tools

The background of my formal education is in Computer Science. It provides me with solid understanding and knowledge in ..

Latest Blog

Five dimensional scatterplot using ggplot2

“How many dimensions can you show on a scatterplot or a chart?” is a question that often pops up in many situations, for example, data scientist <

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CA elections: A statistical Look Back

Census and elections are festivals for people interested in data as it gives rise to the data that can be subjected to

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Data Science Quotes

Quotations are often used to assert the claims and support credibility of a person's views on a topic. Quotes are very popular in n

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About Prem

Prem Raj is a Data Scientist by trade and training, and a Post Doctoral Researcher at the University of Turku, Finland. He designs and develops algorithms, tools, and methods to make sense of vast amount of data.